Tools For Dealing With Fallacies

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Fallacy Detector

Use the Fallacy Detector tool to uncover logical fallacies in short pieces of text.

Fallacy Quiz

Take the Fallacy Quiz to evaluate your understaing of fallacies, and detection abilities.

Fallacy Dictionary

Browse or search a comprehensive collection of fallacies, explanations and examples.

Premium Fallacy Tools

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Expanded Fallacy Capabilities

With the Premium Tools, you can process much longer pieces of text--up to 10,000 characters per submission. This allows for processing articles, or business documents in a more efficient manner.

Argument Builder

The argument builder allows you to develop a coherent and logical argument by refining your original idea, and keep track of older versions of your argument.

PDF Fallacy Analysis

As part of the Premium Services, users can submit PDF document for analysis to uncover fallacies within their documents.